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Secrets for holding a fantastic pub quiz event

Exactly what is a trivia night?

trivia night themes

Your perfect quiz event requires a person announcing questions to a group of people (normally teams of 4-8 with 6 actually perfect) in a tavern setting to determine which group possesses the most worthless trivia inside their minds. A host organizes the questions with fifty to a hundred questions, commonly broken into groups of questions of ten per group. It's best to incorporate a variety of categories like competitive sports, history, math, rivers and novels. A victorious team is frequently determined by which group answers the most questions accurately. The successful squad usually wins a modest prize, although a lot more importantly, the knowledge that they are the champs!

Tips to lead any great trivia night

Determine where you're going to have the event

Below are a list of the most effective places for running your quiz event:

  • The ideal choice would likely be your warm and friendly neighbourhood pub, bearing in mind that you will have to select a day which is not especially crowded. On a very busy evening, the pub might already have a sufficient amount of patrons and also be significantly less willing to host you.

  • The church. Try to look for one that can accomodate a large number of teams. Bring a good PA or amp system and a mike in the event the room is way too big for the players to understand you. If you plan on reselling drink and food, it is best to check out the local law.

  • Promiting the quiz night.

    Discuss with the pub manager about publicizing your trivia event. A good number of pubs are going to do just about anything for additional clients, and may be more than happy to create a few posters to bring in additional competitors.

    What about different methods to advertise the event?


    Begin a new meetup group relevant to quiz nights. Players are frequently searching for quizzes and it's an inexpensive solution to advertise the quiz night.


    Social media sites are ideal for focused advertizing so only players interested in trivia sees the advert.

    Speak to your friends and family!

    This is the most effective as well as lowest priced way of getting trivia buffs interested in the event. Tweeting or putting up a status update relating to the quiz event is fine, just do not do it excessively.

    Take your time preparing a lot of great groups of questions. Unless you take the time preparing the questions and categories, the participants will probably be bored because it is too easy, or disheartened because it's too tough...searching for a balance is extremely important! Don't take this aspect lightly, because it's the most important part of getting ready for the quiz night

    Below are a few resources that may help you prepare the pub quiz categories:

    Trivia Cafe (http://www.triviacafe.com). It is a great collection of lots of categories and questions. You can get just about anything here.

    Jeopardy Trivia (www.jeopardytrivia.com). Another great useful resource for finding trivia night questions.

    If you don't wish to spend the ten to twelve hours required organizing the pub quiz trivia questions, Trivia Night in a Box provides a pre-packaged strategy for your quiz night.

    A top ten listing of tips for an effective quiz night:

    10. Trivia questions with a variety of level of complexity is crucial. Try to make the quiz at the very least 30% easy, 30% demanding, and the remainder using questions with a reasonable complexity level. Simple trivia questions can bore nearly all players, and hard ones may leave them annoyed.

    9. Prepare a set of rules before hand. Before the pub quiz starts, ensure that all the trivia buffs understand all the rules and regulations.

    Clear rules and regulations will lead to a smooth quiz night.

    8. Offer a brief break for the teams at some point during the event. Typically the teams will probably need a break from all your excellent questions.

    7. Try to be enjoyable! Try and toss in a joke or 2 in the course of the trivia night, and have fun with a handful of the trivia questions.

    6. Save time through having groups switch scoresheets after each round of questions so that you don't have to carry out all of the marking yourself.. This action by itself could help you save a minimum of an hour and the competitors are certain to get more from the pub quiz.

    5. Ensure that you update results each round so that the teams understand or know where they stand. There are many approaches to present the score, working with a big computer screen, a substantial piece of paper, and even through the tweet.

    4. Whenever you make a blunder, don't try to hide it! If you ever notice one of your answers is actually inaccurate, own up to it and offer all of the teams full marks for that trivia question. Take advantage of the break we talked about earlier so that you can search any dubious answers and produce a judgment at the end of the break.

    3. Remember to be well prepared When you're prepared, things are guaranteed to run properly plus the competitors will definitely have a far more enjoyable time.

    2. When passing out answer sheets around the outset of the pub quiz, don't forget to provide additional scrap paper for the competitors, in addition to a pencil.

    1. Have a good time! When you have a lot of fun, participants will probably have a good time also and will in all likelihood keep coming back for more trivia!

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